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(1) So long as any directions under section 35 are in force in respect of an application

a. the Controller shall not pass an order refusing to accept the same; and
b. notwithstanding anything contained in this Act, no appeal shall lie from any order of the Controller passed in respect thereof:

Provided that the application may, subject to the directions, proceed up to the stage of the acceptance of the complete specification, but the acceptance shall not be advertised nor the specification published,and no patent shall be granted in pursuance of the application.

(2) Where a complete specification filed in pursuance of an application for a patent for an invention in respect of which directions have been given under section 35 is accepted during the continuance in force of the directions, when

a. if, during the continuance in force of the directions, any use of the invention is made by or on behalf of, or to the order of the Government, the provisions of sections 100, 101 and 103 shall apply in relation to that use as if the patent had been granted for the invention; and
b. if it appears to the Central Government that the applicant for the patent has suffered hardship by reason of the continuance in force of the directions, the Central Government may make to him such payment (if any) by way of solatium as appears to the Central Government to be reasonable having regard to the novelty and utility of the invention and the purpose for which it is designed, and to any other relevant circumstances.

(3) Where a patent is granted in pursuance of an application in respect of which directions have been given under section 35, no renewal fee shall be payable in respect of any period during which those directions were in force.

38. Revocation of secrecy directions and extension of time.

When any direction given under section 35 is revoked by the Controller, then, notwithstanding any provision of this Act specifying the time within which any step should be taken or any act done in connection with an application for the patent, the Controller may, subject to such conditions, if any, as he thinks fit to impose, extend the time for doing anything required or authorised to be done by or under this Act in connection with the application,whether or not that time has previously expired.

39. Omitted

Liability for contravention of section 35 or section 39.

40. Omitted

41. Finality of orders of Controller and Central Government

All orders of the Controller giving directions as to secrecy as well as all orders of the Central Government under this Chapter shall be final and shall not be called in question in any court on any ground whatsoever.

42. Savings respecting disclosure of Government

Nothing in this Act shall be held to prevent the disclosure by the Controller of information concerning an application for a patent or a specification filed in pursuance thereof to the Central Government for the purpose of the application or specification being examined for considering whether an order under this Chapter should be made or whether an order so made should be revoked.