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any patent or any licence thereunder authenticated in the prescribed manner and also such other documents as may be prescribed relevant to the subject matter:

Provided that in the case of a licence granted under a patent, the Controller shall, if so requested by the patentee or licensee, take steps for securing that the terms of the licence are not disclosed to any person except under the order of a court.

(5) Except for the purposes of an application under sub-section (1) or of an application to rectify the register, a document in respect of which no entry has been made in the register under sub-section (3) shall not be admitted by the Controller or by any court as evidence of the title of any person to a patent or to a share or interest therein unless the Controller or the court, for reasons to be recorded in writing, otherwise directs.

70. Power of registered grantee or proprietor to deal with patent

Subject to the provisions contained in this Act relating to co-ownership of patents and subject also to any rights vested in any other person of which notice is entered in the register, the person or persons registered as grantee or proprietor of a patent shall have power to assign, grant licences under, or otherwise deal with, the patent and to give effectual receipts for any consideration for any such assignment, licence or dealing:

Provided that any equities in respect of the patent may be enforced in like manner as in respect of any other movable property.

71. Rectification of register by High Court

(1) The High Court may, on the application of any person aggrieved

a. by the absence or omission from the register of any entry; or
b. by any entry made in the register without sufficient cause; or
c. by any entry wrongly remaining on the register; or any error or defect in any entry in the register, make such order for the making, variation or deletion, of any entry therein as it may think fit.

(2) In any proceeding under this section the High Court may decide any question that may be necessary or expedient to decide in connection with the rectification of the register.

(3) Notice of any application to the High Court under this section rectifying the register shall direct that notice of the rectification shall be served upon the Controller in the prescribed manner who shall upon receipt of such notice rectify the register accordingly.

72. Register to be open for inspection.

(1) Subject to the provisions contained in this Act and any rules made thereunder, the register shall at all convenient times be open to inspection by the public; and certified copies, sealed with the seal of the patent office, of any entry in the register shall be given to any person requiring them on payment of the prescribed fee.

(2) The register shall be prima facie evidence of any matters required or authorised by or under this Act to be entered therein.