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And told her what he was to buy,
at which ſhe laugh'd his wife to ſcorn;
On board he went immediately
and ſail'd to ſea that very morn.


NOW they are gone with merry hearts,
the merchant and his jovial crew,
From port to port, in foreign parts,
to trade as they were wont to do.
At length when he had well beſtow'd
the cargo, which was outward bound,
He did his trading veſſel load,
with richer treaſure which he found,
As he his merchandiſe did vend,
they turn'd to gems and golden ore,
Which crown'd his labours with content,
he never was ſo rich before.
The wanton Harlot's venture then,
did run to great account likewiſe,
For every pound ſhe would have ten,
ſuch was their lucky merchandiſe,
For joy of which the merchant cried,
one merry bout my lads ſhall have;
A ſplendid ſupper I'll provide,
of all the danties you can crave;
Before you ſet to ſea again.
this ſaid, they to a tavern went,
Where they did feaſt and drink amain,
till many crowns and pounds were ſpent.
The merchant then with laughter mov'd,
ſaid he for wit had never ſought,
My Harlot's venture is improv'd,
but of my Wife's I never thought.
One ſingle penny and no more,
ſhe has a venture ſent with me,
I was to lay it out therefore,
in what you'll call a rarity.
She bid me uſe my utmost ſkill,