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Treatise of Ireland.

whose Business may be, to keep Peace among their Flocks, and dispose them to Obedience towards their Sovereign.

Lastly, if the Lands of all England increase from 49 to 64, or from 3 to 4, those of the Church will do the same also.


How to take away all the Evils arising from Differences of Births, Extractions, Languages, Manners, Customs, Religion, and Laws, and Pretence whatsoever.

1. THere is no Person or Party in Ireland, of what religion soever, who denies the King of England to be King of Ireland also.

2. Whereas there are Disputes concerning the Superiority of Parliament; now there will need no Parliament in Ireland to make Laws among the Cow-Herds and Dairy-Women: Nor indeed will there be any Peers, or Free holders, at all in Ireland, whereof to make a Parliament.

3. There will be little Pomp or Expence in the Chief Governor &c. the onely Business being to regulate the simple Cattle Trade to the best common Advantage.

4. The Courts of Judicature may be much abated, for that there will be little or no Variety of Cases or Actions.

5. The Officers of Ports will need onely to keep an Account of Exportation, where there are no Importations, or very little or simple.

6. The Work of the Clergy will require little intricate Learning or School-Divinity.

7. The 267 Thousand Catholicks may be such as can all speak English, and who will take English Names.

8. The Lands upon the down-Survey, may also have English Names put upon them.

9. The Transplanters into England may do the same.

10. The 300 Thousand left in Ireland are all Servants to those who live in England, having no Property of their own, in Land or Stock.