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Ireland after Petty's Transplantation.

11. Money need be but little and that Local.

12. Cloths may be uniform, and withal equal, and also most commodious for the People's Employments.

13. The Catholic Priests may be English-men.

14. The 15000 militia[1] Men being 110 of the whole Number of Men, may serve by Turns as Soldiers every tenth Year.

15. The 4000 Men at Sea in 40 small Ships are enough to begirt Ireland, or to keep a Guard between the North of Ireland and Scotland: as also between Scilly and Kingsale, as the beginning of a real Mare Clausum[2].

16. The Lands may be valu'd according to the annual Increase of Flesh produceable from the same, restraining and reducing all other Respects to that one.

17. Controversies concerning Estates in Ireland, may be determined in England, where the Pretenders are now to Live.

18. Whereas it may be offensive to make Estimates of the Number of Men slain in Ireland[3] for the last 516 Years; and of the Value of the Money and Provisions, sent out of England thither; Of the Charge of the last Warr begun Anno 1641; The Value of the Wasting and Dispeopling the Countrey, Charges at Law for the last 30 Years &c. We say that the same may be all spared, Since all may be probably remedied and forgotten by the Means and Methods above-mentioned.

  1. 'militia' inserted by Petty.
  2. See note on p. 573.
  3. The Polit. Anat., which contains such estimates, (pp. 150, 151) was not published when Petty wrote. On p. 608 he handles the subject somewhat gingerly.