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Roman Catholicks, ought to be looked upon but as one Man; who lost by Way of Forfeiture 300000l. and gain'd 4500000l., which is 15 for one. Now for Remedy of Inequality among themselves, it may be done by a Court or Council of Catholicks erected for that purpose, as aforementioned, and by the Prudence of Confessors; without Frighting and Disturbing the whole Nation with a perpetual Fear of Unsettlement.

A. I will trouble you no further. The Summ of what I have learn'd is this, That by the Rebellion in Ireland is properly mean't, The Change of Monarchy into Democracy, and Transferring Sovereign Power from the King to the Confederate Catholicks: And Aggravated by Extorting the Articles of 1648, and not Punishing the Outrages of 1641. And that the said Confederates gained thereby 15 Times more than they properly lost; And that all the several Branches of the English-Protestant Interest lost 200 Times more than they gain'd.

B. You need not now at last be so very short; but (if you please) sum up what we have said thus. (vizt)

1. Between the 23d of October 1641, and the 10th of November 1642, there was a Barbarous and Outragious Tumult of the Irish Catholicks against the English Protestants in Ireland: Who being then about 10 to one committed many Murders, Robberies, and Mischiefs upon the English.

2. That the 10th of November 1642, and after Edge-Hill-Fight in England, when the King was dangerously ingaged against his Enemies, the Irish changed Monarchy into Democracy.

3. The Roman Catholicks then blemished their own Sacred and Infallible Religion, by Making it a signal Ear-Mark and Brand of Rebellion upon themselves.

4. Their several Cessations and Peaces with the King gave him no Relief to his Distresses in England; But the Latter in 1648, was thought to be a main Cause of his disastrous Death.

5. That the English, in Pursuance of an Act made by the King, Lords, and Commons of England, perfectly