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Treatise of Ireland.

suppress'd that Rebellion in the Year 1653, with an immense Expence of English Blood and Treasure, and the Loss of 600000 People.

6. The actual Conquerors did, by way of Indulgence, give to the Catholicks a 6th Part of all the Lands which belonged to them Aº 1641, with the Liberty of their Persons and Personal Estates, punishing no Man for his Religion.

7. They Leased back the Lands, which they got from them as forfeited, at one Quarter of the real Value between 1653 and 1660.

8. The said actual Conquerors surrendred all their Acquisitions to the King at Breda, and made him a Present of 540000l., which, with 60000l. spent in Defence of his Title, amounted to double the Value of what they now keep, as Aº 1653.

9. An Army was kept up from 1653 to 1663, whose Pay was equivalent to the Rent of all the Forfeited Lands.

10. The Regicides and Halberteers were outed of all their Acquisitions, and many disaffected Persons driven to take shelter under others &[1] to part with their Interests at small Rates.

11. A new Court of Innocence, and Clauses of Grace, give[2] after the Promises of Breda, one Third more to the Catholicks of all that belonged to them in 1641, with as much Improvement as was worth 4 Times what all the Lands they lost were worth Aº 1653.

12. Aº 1655, The English retrench a Third of what was most Legally due. But the Irish Restorees nothing.

13. Upon the whole Matter, the Irish Catholicks seem to have gained by these Commotions 15 Times more than they lost; And all the Branches of the English-Protestant Interest, seem to have Lost 200 Times more than they have Gained.

14. The Parliament of Ireland gave to the King in Pole-Money, Subsidies, &c. within 5 Years after his Restauration, about 1200000l.

15. The same Parliament gave the King a Revenue, by

  1. '&' inserted by Petty.
  2. MS., 'given,' Petty obliterated the 'n' but did not change the 'i' to an 'a.'