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Dharmaraja's soul went into swargam he found Krshna there. How are these two statements to be reconciled? Unless we suppose that Narayan, whose energy and wisdom were manifested through the man Krshna, was a separate spiritual power manifesting itself for the time being through this individual, there is no solution of the difficulty. Now, from these two statements we shall not be far wrong in inferring that the Avatars we are speaking of were the manifestations of one and the same power, the Logos, which the great Hindu writers of old called Mahavishnu. Who then is this Mahavishnu? Why should this Logos in particular, if there are several other Logoi in the universe, take upon itself the care of humanity, and manifest itself in the form of various Avatars; and further, is it possible for every other adept, after he becomes associated with the Logos, to descend as an Avatar in the same manner for the good of humanity?

A clear discussion of these questions will lead us into considerations that go far down into the mysteries of occult science, to explain which clearly I should have to take into account a number of theories that can only be communicated at the time of initiation. Possibly some light will be thrown upon the subject in the forthcoming Secret Doctrine, but it would be premature for me to discuss the question at this stage. It will be sufficient for me to say that this Mahavishnu seems to be the Dhyan Chohan that first appeared on this planet when