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human evolution commenced during this kalpa, who set the evolutionary progress in motion, and whose duty it is to watch over the interests of mankind until the seven Manvantars through which we are passing are over. It may be that this Logos itself was associated with a Jivanmukta, or a great Mahatma of a former kalpa. However that may be, it is a Logos, and as such only it is of importance to us at present. Perhaps in former kalpas, of which there have been millions, that Logos might have associated itself with a series of Mahatmas, and all their individualities might have been subsisting in it; nevertheless it has a distinct individuality of its own, it is Ishvara, and it is only as a Logos in the abstract that we have to consider it for present purposes. This explanation, however, I have thought it necessary to give, for the purpose of enabling you to understand certain statements made by Krshna, which will not become intelligible unless read in connection with what I have said.