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July, 1627 [ibid., iv. 181.] On the 10th February, 163 1/2, Thomas Archer assigned over to him several copyrights, in which were included Thomas Middleton's play, The Roaring Girle; John Marston's play, The Insatiate Countess, and Timberlake's Travels [ibid., iv. 248]. Some of these Perry afterwards assigned to Henry Taunton and Francis Coles [ibid., iv. 327, 336.] Between 1642 and 1645 he issued several political pamphlets, after which he is lost sight of.

PIENNE (PETER DE), printer at Cork & Waterford, Ireland, 1644-54. Printed an edition of the Eikon Basilike in Cork in 1649. In 1652 he is found printing at Waterford An Act for the settlement of Ireland. In that year an order was made by the Council for the affairs of Ireland forbidding the Commissioners of the Revenue at Waterford to pay Peter de Pienne any salary from that time. [E. R. McC. Dix, Irish Provincial Printing prior to 1701. Library, October, 1901, pp. 344-5.]

PIERREPOINT (THOMAS), bookseller in London; Sun in St. Paul's Churchyard, 1651-8. Issued in 1655 in conjunction with George Calvert a folio edition of Sidney's Arcadia. [B.M., C. 39, h. 10.]

PILKINGTON (STEPHEN), bookseller in London; Next to the Red-lyon Inne in Fleet Street, 1647. His name occurs in the imprint to a pamphlet entitled Trodden down strength, 1647. [B.M. 1417. a. 13.]

PITT (MOSES), bookseller in London, (1) White Hart, Little Britain; (2) Angel, St. Paul's Churchyard, over against the little North door. 1666-81. Mentioned in the Hearth Tax Roll for the half-year ending Lady Day, 1666, as a bookseller in Little Britain. [P.R.O. Lay Subsidy 252/32.] Published in 1667 a Short Account of the life and death of Pope Alexander VII. He became one of the most important booksellers of the second half of the seventeeth century. (See Arber, Term Catalogues.)

PITTS (JOSEPH), see Potts (J.).

PLACE (JOHN), bookseller in London, (1) Furnivall's Inn Gate; (2) Greyhound Yard, Holborn. 1645-86. Dealer in law books. Several of his children were baptized at St. Andrew's, Holborn.

PLACE (WILLIAM), bookseller in London; Gray's Inn Gate, 1657-77. Doubtless a relative of J. Place. Also dealt in law books.

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