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PLAYFERE (JOHN), bookseller in London, (1) White Bear in the upper walk of the New Exchange [Strand]; (2) White Lion in the upper walk of the New Exchange. 1664-5. A list of books issued by him in 1665 precedes the Three Plays of Sir W. Killigrew and is inserted immediately before the title to Selindra.

PLAYFORD (JOHN), bookseller in London; Inner Temple near the church door, 1623-86? Younger son of John Playford, of Norwich, born in 1623. Dealt chiefly in music books. Temporarily in partnership with John Benson and Zachariah Watkins, 1664-5. His printers were Thomas Harper, 1648-52; William Godbid, 1658-78; Ann Godbid and her partner John Playford the younger, 1679-83; John Playford alone, 1684-5. He was the inventor of the "new ty'd notes." In 1672 he began engraving on copper plates. The D.N.B. records no less than seventeen collections of music books published by John Playford, who was succeeded by his son Henry. [D.N.B.]

POCOCK (SAMUEL), bookseller in Oxford, 1662. His name is found in the imprint to P. Du Trien's Manuductio ad logicum, 1662. [Ames Collection, 3072.]

POLLARD (ROBERT), bookseller in London; Ben Johnson's Head behind the Exchange, 1655-8. Associated with John Sweeting in the publication of plays.

POPE (WILLIAM), (?) bookseller in London; Neere Essex House, 1642. A political pamphlet entitled To the Right Honourable the Lords assembled in Parliament … bears the imprint London, Printed for William Pope, and are to be sold at his shop neere Essex House, 1642. [E. 114 (9).]

POTS, or POTTS (JOSEPH), bookseller (?) in London; In the [great] Old Baily neer the Sessions-House, 1646. His name is found in the imprint to a broadside entitled Life and Death of the … Earle of Essex [October 12th], 1646. [B.M. 669, f. 10 (93).] He was perhaps a descendant of Robert Potts, who was publishing from 1621-3. [Arber, v. 259.]

POUNCET, or POUNCE (JOHN), bookseller (?) in London, (1) Lower end of Budge Row neere Canning [i.e., Cannon] Street; (2) Hand and Bible lower end of Budge Row neer Dowgate. 1646-7. His name is found in