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Britannia, they who perished here have crowned thee, I, 148.
By the germinating seed, II, 224.
By the pyramid of Caius Sestius, II, 190.

Come home! The Land that sent you forth, I, 129.
Contemplative and fair, with look divine, I, 12.
Couldst thou—thou, also, die, whom life so cherished? II, 93.
Cover your face, Humanity, and weep, II, 211.

Day is stealing down the West, II, 123.
Death called,—but why did you go? I, 44.
Death pitying stood before me bent and old, I, 64.
Death took away from me my heart's desire, I, 146.
Deem not, O Pain, that thou shalt vanquish me, II, 110.
Didst thou rejoice because the day was fair, II, 144.
Divine abstraction, shadowy image, dream, II, 111.
Down-gazing, I behold, I, 32.
Dream the Great Dream, though you should dream—you, only, II, 256.

Earth has her blossoms, and the sea his shells, I, 52.
Earth, mother dear, I turn at last, I, 210.
Evermore I hear my name, II, 133.
Every night at Marathon, II, 241.

Far, far the mountain-peak from me, I, 155.
Far off there is a realm of wonder, I, 81.
Far up the crag, 'twixt sea and sky, I, 80.
Father, I lift my hands to Thee, II, 189.
Fond Youth and Age met face to face, II, 182.
For each and every joyful thing, I, 179.
For love of justice and for love of truth, II, 90.
For me the jasmine buds unfold, I, 237.
Franklin! our Franklin! America's loved son! II, 15.
Friendship from its moorings strays, I, 185.
Full slow to part with her best gifts is Fate, I, 8.
Further and further we leave the scene, II, 210.

Give me not love that would enthrall, I, 58.
Give us one dream! I, 66.