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A beggar, bent beneath the weight of years, II, 132.
A coward is man, yet a hero, II, 112.
A dreamer midst the stars doth dwell, I, 20.
A moment, Death!—only a moment more! II, 49.
A narrow window may let in the light, II, 34.
A single rose in yonder ruined bed, II, 148.
A transient city, marvellously fair, I, 138.
A waste of heaving waters to the far horizon's rim, I, 196.
Adieu! I know that I no more, II, 44.
After the darkness, dawning, II, 257.
All are not strangers whom we so misname, II, 94.
All ugliness wears on its brow the brand, II, 106.
Alone, alone in the still, deserted room, I, 118.
Alone by the waves, on a starlight night, II, 89.
Also for these that with us bear, II, 212.
Although the faiths to which we fearful clung, II, 129.
Apart from all, I, 171.
As a wan weaver in an attic dim, II, 12.
As Douglas to his castle came, I, 164.
As one who faring o'er a desert plain, I, 189.
As the mother-bird to the waiting nest, I, 244.
As when the imperial bird, wide-circling, soars, I, 51.
Ask what you will, I must obey your hest! I, 123.
At twilight here I sit alone, II, 13.
Ave! Thou goest from us, II, 102.
Awake, my soul! I, 95.

Be thou my guide, and I will walk in darkness, I, 162.
Before we knew thee thou wert with us; aye, I, 5.
Better to die, where gallant men are dying, I, 218.
Blessèd: so have they named her. With just pride, I, 110.
Blest is the right to share, II, 179.
Both your hands? . . . What mean they, dear? I, 69.
Breakers that beat against the shore, II, 209.
Breathless we strive, contending for success, II, 90.