Poems (Coates 1916)/Volume II/Adieu

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For other versions of this work, see Adieu.
Not to be confused with An Adieu.


ADIEU! I know that I no more
Shall behold you,
Your future lies beyond her door
Who consoled you;

The world has promised to redeem
Each new sorrow,
It beckons, and you lightly dream
Of a morrow.

I weep not, nor shall futile sighs
Hold you longer,
The pity in your loveless eyes
Makes me stronger,

For terrible, past loss of mine,
Hath arisen
The dread to know what was your shrine—
But your prison.

I listen while your lips protest,
Heavy hearted,
For by your wishes unexpressed—
We are parted:

I listen, and hope's fickle glow
Fades away.
Why mock my grief? If you can go—
Wherefore stay?

In all the past we still were true,
You and I, love;
Few words suffice to bid adieu,
Few to die, love;

The loneliest stand face to face,
And thoughts of love that strain through space
Are requited!