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This page needs to be proofread.

10o EARLY POEMS ON EVENING. Come, Evening; onee again, Season of peace, Return, sweet Evening, and ?finue io? I I LOV? ? rise ?early dawn, . To ro? o'er hill, and d?e, ?d la?n, Or view the ?bols of ?e fa? . In forest glade; I love to m?k the kindling sky, ?e moun?in's mis? canopy, And hear ?e birds' ?ld melody By hoarse cascade: And, when the sun from mid-day height Dins his fierce radi?ce, I delight To ?, where yet prolong ?e night O'emmhing shades; And, lost in musing, W rec?ne ?e? ?e roll beechtrunks silve? shine, Round which ?e i? joys m twine Its dark-green braids: ......... ?Google