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SEVERAL OCCASIONS. lol But most I love, at Evenlng's hour, . To sit within my lonely bower, And see o'er lake and distant tower Night's shadows glide; When weary Day's last tint is dying, And gales, on lightest pinions flying, Steal sweetness from each blossom, sighing Its fragrance wide. Than musing thought, than sprightly glow, Noon's shades or Morning's joys bestow, More dear the calm, which then I know ' Within my breast; I bid' the world, and thoughts, that tell Its hopes, its fears, its cares, farewell, And each tumultuous passion's swell Subsides to rest. PETITION OF AN AGED OAK. OH, let me still uninjur'd stand! Oh, let the cruel steel forbear To spoil what Time's relenting hand, Anct tempests, spare ! ......... ?Google