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MISCELLANEOUS POEMS. TO THE SETTING SUN.* 137 Him have we seen, the greenwood side along, As o'er the heath we hind? our labour done, Off, as the woodlark piped lds fluewell song, With wistful eye? pursue the setting sun. FiREWELL, farewell ! to others give The light, thou tak'st from me. Farewell, farewell ! bid others live To joy, or misery. To distant climes my fancy flies, Where now thy kindling beams On other woods and wilds arise, And shine on other streams, �The stanza, which I have prefixed to this poem, sugg?,?l the train of ideas? which it attempts to convey. Perhap% many may think that I. have eapunded the subject too much. For myseif? I feel that I have not expmseed half of thato which is concentrated in the single llne," With m/s?ful eyes pursue the setting sun." It contains so much true poetry, so much tenderness, and so much beauty, that I cannot say rite feel- ings it excites in me. How cou/d Gray omit this stanza? in the corrected copy of his elegy ?