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This page needs to be proofread.

-MISCELLANEOUS POEMS. The Indian leaves his hut of reeds, And bounds along the dew; Or down the rapid river speeds, Poised in his light canoe. Perchance, some exile, on the strand, Awaits 'thy coming ray, As thou, from his dear native land, Some tidings could'st convey. Or, as on ocean's farthest rim, Thy wished-for dawn appears, Still, as it grows less faintly dim, The wave-toss'd bark it cheers. More welcome still thy blessed light Gleams on 'the stranded wreck, Where mariners, the live-long night, Cling to the shatreC'd deck. Now may'st thou bid fond lovers part, Or shine upon their bliss, Behold a blythe or breaking heart, The first, or latest kiss. ......... ?Google