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188 MISCELLANEOUS POgMS. IT I8 NOT HERE. AH, Fool, to seek for Love on earth It only dwells in realms above, Or in a lonely bre.ast, like mine; But what a dream is mutual love ! More true, alas,the early lore,. , Which sung him from his Psyche flown, ?o, w?mderin?, sought his fore in vain, Condemn*d to live--!ove--die?alone ! Find me two hearts, that, once, or now, With eqital fondness burnt, .or bum, And I will in their sunshine live, Or die upon their faithful urn. From 1ove's high fount, which, pure and bright, From ? to m'dng man extemls, Then fathomless; the living stream Still lessens, as it still descends: ......... ?Google