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MISCELLANEOUS POEMS. 1Swells in the father, but the child Hath ne'er a like a?eetion Proved; Thus Nature's self hath barriers tais'd Between the loving, ud thb iov'd.

  • ls this, that makes my mismT,

And bids me pant for realms ibove, Where this vain wish torments no mo re , But all shall be belov*d, and tore ! L. T. TO HER (EOLIAN HARP; HAaX? oFthe winds I that magic tone Can ne'er be all thine own; Oh no t Some Spirit in thee hides, And sends forth all those bland bewlto. hlng tides Of melting harmony, Whi__ch reeseend the sky, And, all too heavenly for enduring here, Seek in celestial climes their proper sphere, .There making music meet for Seraph's ear. ......... ?Google