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MISCELLANEOUS' PG?EMS. 191 All the future; it. shallbe, - If thou wilt, reveal'd to-thee.. Now the spell of power is said, Now the mystic rhym? is read, Now within this cr?tal sphere I gaze;?alas? What forms are here ? Nay--thou must not these forms behold; 'Twould freeze thy young blood wintry co18. Enough when singly thou shale see Their stern and sad reality. Together they.wonld burst the chain, That lintr,i frail reason to thy*brain. Listen then] whils I decla TM All, that 'tis giv'n me to reveal; Listen, and thy s0ul l?epare For each extremity of ill. I look along the shadow'd vale of life, And ev'n myseff half tremble at the view,' So dread, so dark, the t?rbulene? and strife Of Passlons, which for aye the? war renew? Clutch;d by. her soil'd, dishevell'd hair, O*er prostrate Hope raves mad Despair, Drives his poignard to her breast, And dregs her pale corse up and down,