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JERUSALEM. See, while the slow-expanding.gates uac?ose, How rich within the boundless lustre glows ! Here the tall palm for ever lives 'in There, sculptur'd flowers theirfretted !e?tves unfold; Thro' the long aisles bright htmps ineessem beam, And bornish'd eens?rs roll the spicy stream., But far within retires the dread abode, Jehovah's throne--the Oracle ?f God; Two cherubs there, with mimic glories bright, High o'er the ark their guardian wings unite. Beneath that shade no earthly treasures lie, No emblems frail of human' majesty. But there enshrin'd the Holy Tablets rest, By God ordain'd, by God h?mseff imprest. Thine were these mighty works, by thee desi?n'c?, Belov'd of God, and.wi?est of mankind. What' to thy Sire the will of Henv'n denied To thee it gave, propitious, to provide. Yet, while thy temple in the dust decays,' Lives the full splendor of his sacred lays, O skilFd to wake the ever-varying lyre, With all a Prophers--all a Poet's fire, What breast, that does not kindle at thy Strain ? What heart, that melts not, when thy strings complain �2 Sam. vil. 4. ......... ?Google