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? JERUSALEM. Hark, how the notes in mounful cadence sigh, Soft as the breeze,,tlmt onty wakes to die. Chang'd is the ir tone.; th' impetuous measures sweep, Like the fierce storm conflicting with the deep... Now all th' ?elic. best at once combine . Their golden harps ia unison with.thine. F_,xtatlc fervors seim the, trembling soul, And Hallelujahs " What**fearfal omens hera!dad the hour, That gave Judma to a.tyrant?.s power! While sank the?sun,.amld the western blaze Terrific visions burst upon time gaze, �� Unearthly spears rsfiect4he setting beam, Swords wave, helms glitter, hostile standards stream; And thronging chariots, hurrying swiftly by, ,. Sweep the wide air, 'till darkness veils the sky, Nor ceas*d the portents then :. a lurid light ; Shot a fierce splendor from the clouds of night; Its own sad hue o'er nil the temple spread, And on each fear-strnck face. a ghasdier paleness shed. See ! see ! untoueh'd*by any human hand, . The temple's gates--her massy gates-expand ! No earthly sound is that within I bear, Like distant waters rolling on the ear, �Jooephi Hbst. et Tacit. lib, v. c. 15. ......... .?Google