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SONGS s AND That hopelessness--that weariness-- That frightful chasm in the heart, Where somewhat heavy seems to press, Which will not break it, or depart. When each employment, varied still, 1s but a change from grief to grief, When each new hour brings some new il!? But never.never'brings ?elief! IF, IN ENCHANTER'S. SHADOWY HALL. IF, in Enchanter's' shadowy hall,' "?' ' I stood, endtied with power to call, .Before my view, on e form, alone, Of all that live in every clime,. Or e'er have livid in elder time, And hold high converse, 'till one hour was flown What god--what hero of old days, Say, should I sitramon to my gaze ? What charms that set the World on fire Or, with what voi?e of eloquence, o,? ........ Google