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LYEH:AL PIECES. Should I delight my tranced sense, Or with what deathless pnefs hear'n-strung lyre ? %Viiat living wonder should arise, To soothe mine ear, or ?reet mine eyes, What victor, beauty, bard,'or king ? Alas, the widow'd heart would turn, Sick'ning, from these, and'coldly spurn All that their fame, or charms, or wit, could bring. Could these give pleasure to the eye, That p'mes, oqe object to descry ? These the lone ear to rapture move, For which earth holds but one dea? voice, Whose tones coulc? bid it now rejeice ? Oh, answer for me, ye, who truly love Oh, thou, whom, K?ght and day, I mourn, Far from my sight too rudely torn, Yet nev? parted from my soul; Impatient, I wSuld ask to. see Thee-thee, alone; none-none but thee, Even though I died ofjoy, beyond controul *. ......... ?Google