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?32 IT WAS A WINTER'S EVENING. IT was a winter's evening, When a beauteous maid I met, The hear'ns were rosy beaming With the sun, flint had lately set; But, oh, her cheek was of lovelier die Than ev'n those roses of the sky ! The snow was gli?er'mg brightly, As o'er it she tript, so fleet, That scarce she left on it, lightly, The print of her little feet, And still her cheek 1ook'd fresh and fair, Beside ?he snow, that spatided there. One star, in the west, was shining, But I tum'd fro TM the realms o? space, To gaze on the beams, .combining Their lustre, in her face; And there a sister-star could spy, In the blue heaven .of her eye. ......... ?Google