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LYRICAL PIECES. SHOULD CLOUDS CONCEAL OUR BEACON-STAR. SHOU?,D clouds ? our bear?on-staF? My soul in kindred darkness mourns, For then, to hail it's light from far, No eye beloved, in fondness, tums: Or thou perchance it's beams may'st see,. Thro' purer skies, unclouded shine, Bu, t they, alas, are veil'd from me, Nor gaze these eyes on what meets thine. But Love some solaee?!i can find, Some ra?um from his fancies win, ,and, if to oUtWard objects blind, Can turn to.?iew a world within. He whlspeFs, that ?n answering sigh Is wrung from thy responsive soul, As thou too, o'er the darken'd sky, Behold'st the'envious vapors. roll; ......... ?Google