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SOlq GS? AND And thus that grief a kindred tone Does to each mourning breast impart, And tune, to nearer unison The chords of each congenial heart. But, should each other solace flee, There yet remains a sweet relief, To know thy thoughts are fix'd on me, If bright with joy, or dark with grief. OH, THAT THINE ARM WERE. LOCK'D IN MINE. O?z, that thine ann were 1ock'd in mine, As, musin? o? the pebbled sho?e, I mark the sun's ]?u?t glo,ries shine, And on the d?ep it's mdiancs po?r! Wherever gum my wandering feet, Whateve? scenes of bliss I see, I think how more than doubly Sweet The joys they give, if shared with thee; ......... ?Google