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Some envious vapour from the view The loveliest lnndseape may conceal, But soon the Sun's.bri�r?s brenk thro', And all it? wonted charms reveal; Thus, tho' the dark'niag world may ?teal, Awhile, between my thought? and thee,. When solitude'withdraws :the,veil, Thy image, still unchanged, I see. ON GATHERING. SOME FLOWERS. On, that these flowers were cull'd for thee, How sweeter would their fragrance be ! What lovelier hues would Fancy throw Round all the tints, that o'er them glow. And Hope would whisper, these may be Preserved, as records fond of me, And often may Atfection's eye Behold them, when their beauties die. This--this would heighten e?ch perfume-- � This give each bud a brighter bloom; ' And never would their odours flee,. Embalm'd by Hope and Memory. ......... ?Google