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LYRICAL PIECES. SOOTHE ME NO MORE. Soo?Hz me no more---I will ?o weep, Nor, with vain visions, a?senee cheat; My burning sorrows lie too deep, For Fane7's cold and poor deceit. I am not of the.puny tdbe, Whose wounds can soon or lightly heal, I spurn each art--disdain each bribe, To be less wretched, than I feel. Let others o'er the portrait hang, And speak to one, who cannot hear, And still, to mitigate each pang, Exclaim--" in soul, I still am near." Alas, we know we are not nigh ! Fate, torturing, mocks the baffled will, In spite of every art, we try To cheat ourselves--'tis absence still. ......... ?Google