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LYRIC?L PIECES. We deem that all the joy, was faint, We ever prov'd before, And wonder at the cold constraint, We vow to feel no more; ? thousand things will Fancy paint, And ponde? o'er, and o'er, We might have said, or look'd, or done, When, 1o, the happy time was gone. 27.3 NO, LADY, 'TIS NOT WORDS CAN TELL. No, Lady, '.tis not words can tell The all I feel--yet fail to speak, Tho', haply, thou may'st view i t .wel_i, In varying eye, or changing cheek. Beh'eve the love is mine, ? Ti?tfu?is expression p?nt its flame: Nor is ?e mind, dear Ma/d, ,llke th/ne, Which homage, poor as this, can'claim. T