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2?4 SONGS, AIqD As some lone lamp's'refulgent ray . Amid the darkness brightly. g}ows, And, 1os? maid the beams of'day, Around, a sickly. radiance throws, To every gazer's eye rev. e?l'd, Love feebly wavers--soon.expire?., But, deep within the he?rt-con?eal'd, Like mine, it buros with quenchless WITH 'A WREATH' OF MYRTL ?' Go, emblem of unfading love,' Around my Julia's forehead twine Tell her, thy constancy shall prove A never-failing pledge of mine: As, 'mid Decemher's eheerle? gioom? Thy smiling blossoms fragrance shed, Unblighted, shall affection bloom, When' all beside is cold an'd dead.