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?VS?C?L -P?ZCES. 27? NIGHT,--THY LONE SHADES I ONCE ' ABHORR;D. Nxo?T,--thy lone shades I once abhorr'd, Because they tore the maid away, Lovely as light--as life ador'd, Jknd still I sigh'd for lingering day. Sleep,--thou, ev'n thou, could'st not disarm Absence of pain, by dreams of thine; How could thy vain'illusions c!?arm,. When dear reality was mine ? Now, welcome Night, for she is gone, Who made the day so gladly fly, That I beneath thy star, alone, May muse upon her me'mory. And welcome to my pillow, Sleep, Now, kindliest soother of my w6e, In bliss, my vision'd's?ns?es 6t/zep, Which, a!?, they cannot, waking, ......... ?Google