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ON RETURNING TO A FAVOURITE PLACE OF RESIDENCE. ED-.x, to those blue streams, thy banks that lave, Her tints of orange mellow?veni,,g lent; The graceful bou!lh , like young Narciseas, ben To kiss it's image in tha lucid wave, , And every blade' end bell? dew-sprinkled, gave A freshet vmhtre,.oad a sweet? scent,. When last to bid thee long farewell I went; Now e'er thy turbid waters, rude ?inds r?ve, And, hurrying o'er,the wilderness.forlorn, Tear Sprin?s.last relic from..tha shrinking tree. Ah, many a hope has disappointment toni From my lone hea? since I deserted thee; And now thy wintry scenes appear to mourn, Accordant still, as once they smiled with me ! ......... ?Google