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SONNETS, II. ON VISITING HAGLEY. NOT that, how skilI'd soe'er, the hand of Art With rustiek edifice and pillar'd seat, 0 Hagley, has adom'd thy fair retreat, Does ecstasy it's silent thrill impart In gazing on thee. The o'edl0wing heart, Th' insatiate eye, from these will turn to greet The works of Nature'; whether at Our feet She spread her treasures, or her varied chart Afar unroll, as from th? steepy hills ' ' We gaze, and all Our upward toll repay. Not ev'n the bards, who sang ?hy groves and rills, Can charm the homage of our thoughts away: ?is Nature all the yieldiUg s. pirit fills, And leads to NatUre's Goethe grateful lay. ......... ?Google