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JERUSALEM. Did ye not then with bursts Of transport mis? The loud hos-nmh of. exulting'praise'?, With trembling homage round. his cradle bend, Watelx every.look, aud every smile And all Creatiou/o.nobi?t ? combine To form an off'ring for the. Babe divine Or, when, his morta?part matomd to man, His'miry atleugth began, Did ye not cromi his heav'nly words to hear, And drink instruction with delighted ear ? No---harde?'d still yobr embborn souls remain, As sterile roel? resist the ?oftening rain. Tho' to the blind unwonted day returns, And pale Disease with heaith's new ardor burns Tho', deafto?ther vo/ee;th'.ohedient tomb For him reveve'd. her. universal doom More fell than sickness, colder. than the grave, Ye shar'd his ?ifts ?, yet spurn'd athim. who gave. Driv'n* thin' the world, unknowing where to lie, Despls'd? rejected, and cohd?mn'd to die, Before his foes hehoid Messiah stand, Meek t as a lamb beneath the shearer's hand. O turn on yonder.faded*form your eyes, Oppress'd with sorrow, and consumed in sighs

  • lsaL li? 3. t Idem, 7th verse.

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