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3? XI. TO MEMORY. M?.?oaY--thm/greatest good, thou- direst'ill, . � That ever blest or tortur'd frail mankind, - By tums, triumphant o'er the baffled will,' In tyrant-chains thou hold'st the adverse mind, Compelling'it to gaze, in anguish, still On those 1oi'd -scenes, it bled to leave.behind; By tums, thy balmy hand consents to bind The wounds, it gave; and thou,' with magic skill, Around the suiferer's couch dost so allure Each lovely form, which best can blisi? impart, That he, whose vanqulsh'd bosom must endure, Capricious Power ! too oft thy cruel smart, Forgetting his past sorrows in their 'cure, Clasps thee , . once more, to his relenting heart. x ......... ?Google