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306 SONNETS? XII, SURRY. - Ds?, native county, what unnumher'd ties Have bound me to thee !--Not alone, that thou Art England'n Eden, nor that, musing slow, I love to' wander where thy sand-rocks rise Above thy bowery lanes, and catch the sighs Of the pure gales which o'er thy.wi? heaths blow, And climb, at morn or eve, some 'hili's steep brow, To watch the btil?t'ni ? or the fiut/ng skies; But dear domestic bonds, which. still more f?st Time, round my heart, draws, ever? as he flies, Fond Memory, with her pi?tures.qf:the past, And winning tales of Childhood's.simplejoys, And Hope, whb whispers--that with thee, at last, Some friendly hand shall close my Peaceful. eyes. ......... ?Google