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SON N i?T?. 315 XXI. THE CHOICE. Wnzs reason-made me.capable of choice, ' To me three s?ster nymphs, yet rivals, came; Each stro?e-my first affections to iniame, . And fix me her?q'forlife. With sweetest voice, And lyric' touch more:exquisitely nice, Orpheus, than .thine, .the.flint pr?.d her The second to $he eye addrest her aim, . And spread all mimic hues, that might entice The yielding soul. 'B?tt, oh, the third drownear, And won me with her smile... Her looks impart An unknown rapture. Prostrate, I revere, And ery, O loveliest, teach ! Guide thesemyhand, or modulal? mln? ear, But thou alone reign inistress ofnry imartA '