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316 80N NETS. xXII. INSCRIPTION FOR'A' RUgTIC SEAT. Snov*.? to.this spot'some child of nature hie, The thoughts, that fancy dwells on; to recal; ' One, who, in whispering bme?., can hear 'a sigh, In murmu'ring strenm? a spirit's madrigal; Oh, as he listens to yon waterfell, And wlmt-rock'd trees, that make sweet rodsic nigh, Or views the cahn seclusim?,.how will lmaglnafion's fairy forms' gikle by ! Then, when.each w6c. c:w.h-worldly care is flown, And every. passion sinks to deep repoSe, When his rapt soul, ?th ecstasy, unkuown To common minds? swells, riofrans, and o'eritows, Then let him thlnlr; that there existeth one, Who here, f?11 oft, hath known what now he knows. ......... ?Google