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3? SONNRTS. mII. TO A SCHOOL-FELLOW. FaIE?D of my youth; alas, the friend no more, But cold acquaintance of my later yenrs, Too well foreboded my prophetic fears, That, the first warmth of generous childhood o'er, Thou would'st turn from me, and the paths e.xplore Of the low world, where selfish interest sears The heart to all, that softens, or endears; ? And what it's early freshness can restore ? Oh, should we meet, would wakening Mem'ry claim From thy rebelling bosom no redress, PaintJug the happy day, the joyous game, In contrast to the world's chill hollowness ? It might be so; but disingenuous shame Would hide the feeling, it could not repr?s. ......... ?Google