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3? XXXIII? THE SORROWFUL. TREE. "So the md tree shrinks from the mm'ning's oF., Tnzas is a tree, which, in'their pl?nti ve lays, The Indian maids call "Sorrowful." It's bloom Will but unclose ?n midnights deepest gloom; . Sick'ning it ?yes the Morn, and pule decays Withe?d, and wasted in Noon's garish r?ys, 'Till Eve .once more her shadowy throne resume. Yet is it not unlovely; it's perfume Enriches the calm air, that round it plays', And to the lonely wanderer of the glen Bears fragrance, u to soothe his bosom's p.ain. Ah, some, who droop among the sons of men, And thro' the world their semblance sought in vain, Children of solitude, may find, sad tree, Their type of pensive loneliness in thee. ......... ?Google