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A DI?AMA,T$C ODE? Lo, I claim him for*my o?m? He is mine, and arise. alone, . Thought*and feeling, soul and bea?t, Never, never more to part ! Igor need I draw new gi? from Heaven, I only give a voice to all tha? ye have g/yea. As, o'er his breast, each iression steah, He shall sing whate'er he feels, And never pour his grief? in v$in, For singing he shall soothe hi? pah. All that he shall heat o, Shall suggest a theme for me. He shall love me with an ardor Time, nor change, nor grieg, e?m chill, Anguish shall but draw him nearer, He shall love me best in ill. He shall slight the world for me, From its joys and tumults flee; For my sake riches he shall hate., And loathe all grandeur, pomp, and state. For my sake dare to be despised, Nor understood, nor duly prized; Believ'd uncouth, and stern, andl rude, A moody man of solitude. But he shall find a world in me, True wealth, true fame, true dignity ......... ?Google 31