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32 A DRAMATIC ODE. Not, as for triflers with my power, The light amusement of an hour, Now woo'd, now slighted, only sought To fill some blank of idle thought; But with his being I will blend, And be companion, mistress, friend. Ah, thou art waking at my voice ! . Ev'n now it bids thy heart rejoice, And more devoted heart, than thine, Ne'er have I consecrated mine. Now I touch thy lips with fire, O'er thy cradle hang my lyre, And draw my witching wand around thee, Now the potent spell hath bound thee. Destinlt. The song is ceas'd. Hast thou no other friend, Unhappy infant, who shall cheer thy gloom ? One little space my fiat I suspend, Ere yet I ratify thy final doom. And, hark, what heav'.nly music meets mine ear, What bright'ning glory bursts upon my gaze ? I see, I see, a radiant form appear, . Leading a Seraph, rob'd in milder rays. ......... ?Google