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THE POETS' GRA?VE. ?5 And I spoke; whe? from the face of Heav'n Away the shatter'd clouds were driv'n, Awa), the tempest swept: The lurid lightsings ceas'd to play, Died the last thunder-peal away, o'er hear'n, earth, and air, a sudden stillness crept. Upward I gaz'd, .when 1o a cloud More clear, more thin, than dewy shroud By fairy fingers wove, Irradiate, drew my vision'd eye; Lo, it descends, it hovsrs nigh, And, self-suspended, hangs ?u floating folds above ! Those folds, in wavy softness, twine Arourid a radiant form divine, A countenance of light; As, thro' the silvery mists, which still. Float ling'ring on the eastern hill, Descends the beam of morn embodied on the sight. With g?ntle awe, unmixt with fear, I gaz'd, when on my list'ning ear Such sounds melodious stole, As when the wind o'er hush'd cascade Bears notes/Eolian down the glade, 'And blends them both at once, resistless, on the soul. ......... ?Google