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TIlE ]POET'S GRAVE. "As yon dark clouds disorder'd fly, As yon celestial moon on high Returning radiance beams; SO calmly pure, so softly bright, Shines forth P?eligion's heav'n-born light, And chases from the mind Delusion's blinding dreams. "Without it, what were Man ? a world To everlasting chaos hurl'd, A night without a star: O let her holy sway control The wild impatience of thy soul, Dispel the shades of doubt, and calm the mental war ! "0 weep for those, who, fetter'd still Beneath the load of mortal ill, Thro' life's long trial groan; Weep, weep for those, whose guilt has seaI'd The doom eternal, uurepeal'd, But never weep for those, whom heav'n has made its own ! "Yes, I am he, thy fancy mourn'd, Now with unfurling wreaths adorn'd To him, who conquers, giv'n; If Vice reign lord awhile on earth, And triumph o'er insulted worth, Behold how Justice rules, and makes the balance even !" ......... ?Google