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Books noticed: PAGE
"Aerial Navigation" (Mansfield) 623
"Idioms spoken in the Southwest" (Gatschet) 624
"Land-Birds of New England" (Minot) 624
"The Andes and the Amazon" (Orton) 625
"Science Lectures" 625
"Practical Cookery" (Henderson) 626
"Elementary Biology" (Huxley and Martin) 626
"Recent Advances in Science" (Tait) 627
"Essays in Literary Criticism" (Hutton) 627
"Life-History of our Planet" (Gunning) 628
American Library Journal 628
"Report of an Exploring Expedition" (Newberry) 629
"Forest-Culture" (Cooper) 629
"Vaccination" (Chapman) 629
"Rules for Dictionary Catalogue" (Cutter) 629
"Popular Health Almanac" 630
"Fonakigrafik Teacher" (Smith) 630
"Matter and Force" (Macomber) 630
"Surface-Drainage" (Folsom) 630
"Essential Piety of Modern Science" (Chadwick) 630
"Notes on Life-Insurance" (Smith) 751
"Functions of the Brain" (Ferrier) 752
"Carlyle Anthology" (Barrett) 753
"New Encyclopædia of Chemistry" 753
"Archology" (Blakeslee) 753
"Plains of the Great West" (Dodge) 754
"Applications of Physical Forces" Guillemin) 754
"Bench and Bar of Saratoga County" (Mann) 755
"Art of Projecting" (Dolbear) 756
"Text-Book of Physiology" (Foster) 756
"Fleets of the World" (Parker) 756
Brandy, Cognac 428
British Arctic Expedition 379

Calculi, Intestinal, in Horses 760
Canine Sagacity 202
Canniff, W., Communication from 742
Cañons of the Colorado 252
Caoutchouc-yielding Trees 126
Carlyle and the Darwins 362
Cephalization 632
Chamberlain, C, Life in Lapland 450
Chemistry, The Science vs. the Art 691
Clarke, S. W., Laboratory Endowment 729
Clothing and Air 654
Coal and Iron in Alabama 637
Coal-Mines, Fires in 763
Coca, its Physiological Action 127
Coca, its Physiological Action 251
Cognac Brandy, Production of 428
Cold in the Head, Remedy for 117
Cold, Meats cooked by 125