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Bees, do they hear? 121
Biology in Common Schools 615
"Study and Teaching of 298
"The Study of 527
Birds, Destruction of, by Telegraph-Wires 766
"Destruction of, in the United States 636
Bond, Thomas, Laws of Health 198
Books noticed:
"Talks about Labor" (Larned) 108
"Sound" (Blaserna) 240
"Races of Man" (Peschel) 241
"Geology of Ohio" (Newberry) 242
"Vertebrates of Northern United States" (Jordan) 243
"Centennial Situation of Woman" (Bullock) 243
"Kinematics of Machinery" (Reuleaux) 244
"Ethics of Spinoza" 244
"Comparative Zoology" (Orton) 245
"What Young People should know" (Wilder) 245
"Practical Botany" (Koehler) 246
"Theory of Medical Science" (Dunham) 246
"California Notes" (Turrill) 246
"Elements of Physical Manipulation" (Pickering) 246
"Knight's Mechanical Dictionary" 372
"Elementary Practical Physiology" (Foster) 373
"The Religion of Evolution" (Savage) 373
"Public Libraries in the United States" 374
"Theory of Color" (Von Bezold) 375
"Chemia Coartata" (Kollmeyer) 375
"Building Construction" 375
"St. Louis Public Schools" 375
"Prehistoric Remains at Cincinnati" (Clarke) 376
"The Greenstones of New Hampshire" (Hawes) 376
"Filth-Diseases" (Simon) 376
"Fifty Years of my Life" (Albemarle) 376
"Massachusetts Health Report" 376
"Proceedings of the Davenport Academy of Sciences" 377
"Physics" (Arnott) 500
"Physical Fatalism" (Birks) 501
"Winds of Doctrine" (Elam) 502
"Inventional Geometry" (Spencer) 502
"Geographical Distribution of Animals" (Wallace) 504
"Inclusions in Gems" (Lea) 505
"Essays on Mind, Matter," etc. (Townsend) 505
"Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia" (Ruschenberger) 506
"Dinychthys" (Newberry) 506
Textile Colorist 507
"Mechanics" (Rossiter) 377
"Fragments of Science" (Tyndall) 621
"Technological Dictionary" (Tolhausen) 621
"Principia" (Wright) 622
"The Problem of Problems" (Braden) 623