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Evolution of the Horse 118
Evolution, What American Zoologists have done for 1
Evolution, What American Zoologists have done for 181

Farquharson, R., Mental Overwork 326
Fermentation and Disease 129
Fermentation and Putrefaction 742
Fight between a Trout and a Water-Snake 234
Fire, Early History of. (Illustrated.) 17
Fires in Coal-Mines 763
First Popular Scientific Treatise 718
Fish, A Rapacious 760
Florida Cockroach 759
Flounders, Asymmetry of the Eyes in 636
Flowers, Insects, etc., in Colorado 361
Foray of Ants 117
Forestry Association, American 251
Formation of Raindrops and Hailstones. (Illustrated.) 522
French Association, The 115
Fruits, Abnormal 761

Galileo, Trial of 385
Gallium 638
Gariel, C. M., Compressed-Air Locomotive 473
Gas Manufacture and Gas Companies 478
Geikie, Prof., Field-Geologist's Accoutrement 708
Geological Congress, International 381
Geology, How they teach, in Rome 120
Geographical Society, The American 508
"Getting right on the Record" 102
"Getting right on the Record" 363
Glacial Theory, Supplement to the 112
Glen Roy, Parallel Roads of. (Illustrated.) 309
Gorilla, The Berlin 511
Grote, A. R., Early Man in North America 582
Grote on the Peopling of America 764

Habit, Transmission of 380
Hailstones, Formation of. (Illustrated.) 522
Health, The Laws of 198
Heart's Action, Experiments on 248
Hell-Gate Explosion 105
Hitchcock, C. H., Earlier Forms of Life 257
Horse, Prof. Huxley on the 369
Horses, Intestinal Calculi in 760
How to reach the Pole 508
Huxley's Lectures. (Illustrated.) 43
Huxley's Lectures. (Illustrated.) 103
Huxley's Lectures. (Illustrated.) 207
Huxley's Lectures. (Illustrated.) 285
Huxley, Biology 527
"Prof., on the Horse 369
Hygrometers 509
Hypnotism, Phenomena of 758

Ice Age in Great Britain 118