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Ice, Plasticity of 637
Ice, Preservation of 764
Iles, George, Constancy of Motion 225
Illinois (Southern) Academy of Science 763
Inequality of the Ocean-Bed 250
Infantile Culture 38
Insect Fertilization of Plants 380
Insects and Flowers in Colorado 361
"in Colorado 612
International Copyright 746
Intestinal Calculi in Horses 760
Invertebrate Brain, Nature of. (Illustrated.) 27
Iron Manufacture, Improvements in 249
Iron, Preservation of, against Rust 765
Is the Development Hypothesis sufficient? 86
Is the Moon a Dead Planet? 568

Japanese Metallurgy 115
Joly, Prof. N., History of Fire 17
Journeyings and Dispersal of Animals 576

Kauri Pine 123

Laboratory Endowment 729
Langley, S. P., First Popular Scientific Treatise 718
Lapland, Nature and Life in 450
Laws of Health, The 198
Lectures of Prof. Huxley 103
Lewis E., Long Island Coast 434
Life, The Earlier Forms of. (Illustrated.) 257
Light, Electricity developed by 510
Lightning, Effects of, on Trees 120
Protection of Buildings from 154
"in a Telegraph-Office 511
Lily, Audubon's, rediscovered 675
Lockwood, Samuel, Audubon's Lily 675
Locomotive, Compressed-Air. (Illustrated.) 473
Locust-Plague, Efforts to stop the 380
Long Island Coast, Ups and Downs of. (Illustrated.) 434

McCosh, Dr. James, The Development Hypothesis 86
Man, Early, in North America 582
"Paleolithic 250
"The Races of 508
Manias, Commercial 371
Marey's Experiments on the Heart's Action 248
Marriage, Primitive Theories of 272
Marsh, Prof., and his work 122
Martin, H. N, Biology 298
"on Scientific Education 368
Mathematical Controversy 744